About Joule

Creating the world’s smallest and most affordable AED is no easy task

That’s why we've partnered with leading experts and scientists to bring our ambitious vision to life. Together, we’re pushing boundaries to create new life-saving standards and revolutionise the AED as we know it today.

OOONO Medical A/S

Behind every ambitious idea is an ambitious team. OOONO Medical is no exception; the team driving the development of Joule consists of industry experts with many years of experience in MedTech.

Corscience GmbH & Co. KG

Having developed AEDs for more than 20 years, Corscience is recognised as one of the leading independent development companies for defibrillation. They play an integral part in making Joule coming to life.

Mads Christian Tofte Gregers
Medical Doctor & Ph.D.

One of the leading Danish voices within out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. Mads is currently involved in research concerning the Danish Citizen Responder Program.


OOONO is a Danish tech scaleup with a vision to create a safer everyday life. The fast-growing scaleup is mostly known for their smart mobility services aimed at improving traffic safety. Majority shareholder in OOONO Medical A/S.

Rethinking the AED is extremely ambitious and it’s a challenge like no other. But with human lives on the line, we believe it’s worth every obstacle and we’re driven to succeed.

Jacob Løth Christensen


I’m certain that through the distribution of a private AED like Joule, the chances of fast help will increase and more lives will be saved.

Mads Christian Tofte Gregers

Medical Doctor & Ph.D.

We believe that through the power of innovation and intuitive tech solutions, we can create a safer everyday life. Joule is another example of just that.

Christian Walther Øyrabø