Introducing the world's smallest AED

The best AED is the one that gets there first.

More than 70% of all sudden cardiac arrests happen in the home and only 7% are treated before the ambulance arrives.

The world's smallest and most accessible AED

Until now, AEDs have mainly been accessible to trained individuals and professionals. That’s about to change. Joule is your personal AED allowing you to save a life anytime, anywhere. Designed for ordinary people to act fast.

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Deaths caused by sudden cardiac arrests


Sudden cardiac arrests are a serious threat to our health and well-being. While most of us live without considering it an everyday risk, statistics state otherwise. Sudden cardiac arrests cause ~20% of all deaths in Europe, making it a severe problem we must solve.

Only 7% receive help in time


The home is where we feel the safest. However, it’s also where sudden cardiac arrests are most deadly. More than 70% of all sudden cardiac arrests happen at home, and only 7% receive help in time. By making AEDs personal property, we can act faster and increase the chances of survival.

Our mission

Creating a safer everyday life

We believe in providing personal safety in a positive and impactful way. To enhance the chances of surviving a sudden cardiac arrest, we’re developing the world's smallest and most accessible defibrillator. Together, we’re able to save lives.

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I’m certain the spread of private AEDs will contribute to faster treatment and help save more lives.

Mads Christian Tofte Gregers

Medical Doctor & Ph.D.

Made with recognised experts and scientists

Creating the world’s smallest and most affordable AED is no easy task. That’s why we've partnered with leading experts and scientists to bring our ambitious vision to life. Together we are pushing boundaries to create new life-saving standards and revolutionize the defibrillator as we know it today.

Corscience GmbH & Co. KG

Corscience is one of the world’s leading development companies in defibrillation. They’ve been developing AEDs for more than 20 years.

OOONO Medical A/S

A Danish med-tech startup founded in late 2021 with the ambitions of making the world’s smallest, most affordable, and most accessible AED.

Mads Christian Tofte Gregers, Doctor & Ph.D

One of the leading Danish voices within out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. Mads is currently involved in research concerning the Danish Citizen Responder Program.

Every minute matters.
Chances of surviving sudden cardiac arrest drops 10% by the minute. Let’s win the battle against time.